The Escalating Cybersecurity Threats in the Era of Quantum Computers: Challenges and Solutions

Prof. Abdelkader Laouid(Algeria)

The advent of quantum computers poses unprecedented challenges to various fields, particularly cybersecurity. As these powerful machines become a reality, they threaten to undermine the cryptographic systems that form the backbone of our digital security infrastructure. This keynote addresses the escalating cybersecurity threats in the presence of quantum computers, exploring how their immense computational power can break widely used encryption methods, such as RSA and ECC, in a fraction of the time required by classical computers. We will delve into the potential implications for data privacy, secure communications, and critical infrastructure, emphasizing the urgency of developing quantum-resistant cryptographic solutions. Additionally, the keynote will discuss the current progress in post-quantum cryptography, strategies for transitioning to quantum-safe systems, and the collaborative efforts required from governments, academia, and industry to safeguard our digital future in the quantum era.

About the speaker

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Prof. Abdelkader Laouid

  • University of El Oued

Prof. Abdelkader Laouid is a distinguished computer science professor and researcher at the University of El Oued, Algeria, where he serves as the Head of the LIAP Artificial Intelligence Laboratory and Director of the Artificial Intelligence House. With a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Béjaïa 2017, Prof. Laouid has significantly contributed to the fields of distributed systems, cybersecurity, and artificial intelligence. He has overseen multiple Ph.D. dissertations and spearheaded several innovative projects, including the development of CupCarbon, a renowned IoT simulator. Prof. Laouid is actively involved in university ranking and research production evaluations, reflecting his commitment to advancing academic and research excellence.