The Peak Age of Information of URLLC service in 5G NR Systems

Elena Zhbankova, Varvara Manaeva, Ekaterina Markova, Yuliya Gaidamaka
Ultra-reliable low latency (URLLC) service is one of the cornerstone services that needs to be supported in fifth-generation (5G) cellular systems. For a class of applications utilizing URLLC service - periodic state updates, a vital metric of interest is Age of Information (AoI) characterizing the timeliness of updates received. The analysis of latency-related metrics in 5G cellular systems is however complicated by the orthogonal-frequency division multiple access (OFDMA) specifics resulting in batch service of packets. In this paper, we formalize the solve a queuing model capturing the specifics of URLLC service over OFDMA-enabled systems by explicitly accounting for batch service. For this model, we derive the mean peak AoI (PAoI).