Analysis of Procedures to Ensure the Required QoS Indicators in Multiservice Access Nodes

Mikhail Stepanov, Sergey Stepanov, Margarita Kanishcheva, Fedor Kroshin
A generalized mathematical model of joint servicing of real-time traffic and data (files) traffic in a multiservice access node has been constructed and investigated. The model takes into account the presence of a priority for real-time traffic, as well as the group nature of the arrival, elastic properties, the possibility of waiting and aging of the transmitted information for data traffic. The coming of requests for the transmission of real-time traffic and groups of files obeys the Poisson laws, and the service times have an exponential distribution. The definitions of the indicators of the quality of the joint service of incoming requests are formulated and a method for their evaluation based on the solution of a system of equilibrium equations is considered. The use of the model for solving the problems of estimating the value of transmission resource required to serve the offered traffic for given QoS indicators and estimating the volume of the offered traffic offloaded in a situation of congestion to other access nodes in order to achieve the specified QoS indicators is considered.