Optical Multi-Carrier Generation using Nested Electro-Absorption Modulators

Yousif Hammadi, Omar Mahmood, Mohammed muthanna
In this paper, we present and quantitatively show a novel technique for the creation of an optically multi-carrier that is founded upon single and nested electro-absorption modulators (EAMs). These setups include single and four cascaded EAMs, and a radio-frequency (RF) signal. These stacked EAMs are triggered by a radio frequency signal that has various frequencies in each EAM. Where the EAM1, EAM2, EAM3,and EAM4 are driven by the RF signal with the frequency of ( fe, fe/2, fe/4, and fe/8) GHz, respectively. The MATLAB program is used to develop and model the computational equations of the developed models, as well as to simulate the structures. We demonstrate that perhaps the amount of spectral lines is precisely dependent on the magnitude of the RF input signal to the EAM in our simulations. Additionally, the number of optical lines varies linearly with EAMs number. Furthermore, the number of optical lines that have a spectral flatness of 1dB also increases with increasing the number of EAMs