New filtering method to reduce PAPR and OOBE of UFMC in 5G communication system

Yousif Hammadi, Omar Mahmood, Ammar Muthanna
Several aspects of the new communication systems reflect the flexibility, coexistence, and diversity of 5G systems. Filtering communication window is a well-known method for generating desired Universal Filtered Multi Carrier (UFMC). Researchers are continuously developing new filtering methods to reduce PAPR and OOBE produced by the methods of traditional multicarrier in the communication systems, due to the current need for new technologies in 5G communication systems. When it comes to wireless communication systems, the UFMC is often viewed as the most significant technology, this study contributed in developing new filtering method to attain a better match with current necessities and requirements for new technologies. The proposed method entails deploying pulse shape windowing and evaluating windowing filters across multiple communication bands. Through assessment, this process reduces PAPR and OOBE while increasing spectral efficiency. The results showed the use of new filtering methods outperformed the previous proposed method -70dBm for the OOBE reduction and 10 dB for PAPR reduction. It could be concluded that the new method produced significant results in UFMC systems, giving 5G wireless communication systems a competitive advantage.