Bridging 5G to 6G Networks: Problems and Challenges

Prof. Luis M. Correia(Portugal)

The talk addresses the problems left open in mobile and wireless communications by the implementation of 5G that should be addressed in 6G design. A brief perspective on the evolution of networks is provided, together with a parallel to the evolution of other technologies. The virtualisation of networks needs to be taken to a next level, by properly exploring services differentiation and users’ behaviour. The cloudification of networks needs to be further explored, by properly exploring all its distributed levels and by taking into consideration private as well as body area networks. Constraints coming from servicers, such as maximum latency, and from physical implementation, such as bandwidth, are also taken into consideration. Conclusions are presented at the end.

About the speaker

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Prof. Luis M. Correia

  • University of Lisbon

Luis M. Correia was born in Portugal, in 1958. He received the Ph.D. in Electrical and Computer Engineering from IST (Univ. Lisbon) in 1991, where he is currently a Professor in Telecommunications, with his work focused on Wireless & Mobile Communications, with the research activities developed in the INESC-ID institute.

He has acted as a consultant for the Portuguese telecommunications operators and regulator, besides other public and private entities, and has been in the Board of Directors of a telecommunications company. He has participated in 32 projects within European frameworks, having coordinated 6 and taken leadership responsibilities at various levels in many others, besides national ones. He has supervised over 220 M.Sc./Ph.D. students, having edited 6 books, contribute to European strategic documents, and authored over 500 papers in international and national journals and conferences, for which served also as a reviewer, editor and board member.

Internationally, he was part of 37 Ph.D. juries, and 71 research projects and institutions evaluation committees for funding agencies in 12 countries, and the European Commission and COST. He has been the Chairman of Conference, of the Technical Programme Committee and of the Steering Committee of various major conferences, besides other several duties. He was a National Delegate to the COST Domain Committee on ICT. He has launched and served as Chairman of the IEEE Communications Society Portugal Chapter. He is an Honorary Professor of the Gdańsk University of Technology (Poland) and a recipient of the 2021 EurAAP Propagation Award “for leadership in the field of propagation for wireless and mobile communications”.